Server name: [EU] Kindergarten | Modded++|Cars++|AI Bots|Trader|Loot++| 30
Server version: 1.10.153598
Required game version: 1.10.0
Map: Chernarusplus
Mission: DayZ

Base Building Plus

BasebuildingPlus (BBP) is based on a 3 tier system. T1(Wood) T2(Metal) T3(Concrete)

Key features in this build

  • Easier to use snapping system, active by holding one of the BBP kits in your hand. Toggle snapping by pressing the down arrow, then look at the object to want to snap to and use the mousewheel to scroll through snap points. You can press B to open the snapping UI for more options.
  • Simple UI for crafting the base building items, active by attaching the blueprint to the workbench and pressing the K key.
  • New and improved models. All done by the wonderful Turdless the Turdle!
  • Building up system is now step up like the vanilla game base-building objects… (fence/watchtower)… this includes, adding materials, constructing, dismantling and destroying.
  • Once you deploy the object a blue hologram will be displayed of the frame, this allows easy planning of your build.
  • You can now change the keybindings in the settings, all thanks to @wardog <3
  • Land claim flags and admin no-build zones.
  • New base lighting options.
  • Solar panels for silent electricity.
  • Carpets, wallpaper and plaster for interior designs.
  • Christmas tree and xmas light attachments.

Base Building Plus Wiki:

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